Why You Need a Cannabis LMS For Your Cannabis Brand ?

Why You Need a Cannabis LMS For Your Cannabis Brand ?

A cannabis learning management system (LMS) is specifically designed with needs, challenges, and opportunities of the cannabis industry in mind. Choosing a LMS platform for your cannabis brand that is specifically tailored to your needs offers some pretty significant benefits in regards to training efficiency, brand consistency, budtender engagement, increased sales, and more.

There are several specialized organizations that provide such online cannabis brand education platforms that industry-insiders have already used to great effect, but one is consistently ahead of the pack in regards to providing a customized and customizable customer and user experience that builds knowledge, empowers learners, and leads to better bottom line outcomes.

Continue reading to learn about a few of the many ways that the cannabis-geared LMS from Learn Brands can level-up your brand through its online training platform and services, or visit us to learn more about our university-grade cannabis LMS and how we can help your brand grow.

Connect With Any Budtender, Anywhere

Traditional cannabis brand training has long revolved around a pretty standardized model of dispersing training representatives throughout the territories a cannabis brand’s products are sold in, and providing in-person training in dispensaries and pop-ups or booth rentals at cannabis-industry events.

This entrenched practice is still around despite the incredible versatility and access provided by digital learning environments because it works — to a point.

In-person training allows for human connections to take place. It allows for impromptu Q&A sessions, and allows cannabis brands to create an actual presence — beyond product on the shelves — in the dispensary.

However, it’s also subject to traffic delays, driving distance limitations, frequency, and most importantly, the realities of student-teacher efficacy ratios.

When you supplement your current brand rep. engagement practices with a robust and dynamic online learning management system designed not just for the cannabis industry, but for your individual brand, your power to educate grows exponentially.

Online learning management systems remove the barriers or time, distance, and “class” size and offer a dynamic, intimate, and meaningful experience to an audience of one captive audience member per screen, no matter where they are.

This kind of direct connection reinforces a brand’s traditional, boot-on-the-ground efforts and yields improved learning outcomes — which as we will see a little later, translates into a whole lot of things that your cannabis brand is likely trying to achieve.

Develop Customized Cannabis Product Training

No one knows your brand like you do. At least, not yet they don’t

E-learning tools like the LMS created by Learn Brands are the ideal platforms to disseminate a powerful, consistent, and value-driven brand identity to operators and their customer-facing teams. This is especially true if the LMS provider your cannabis brand is working with offers a high-level of customization.

When you developed your marketing materials and product packaging, you meticulously worked to create a consistent brand identity and voice that was capable of slicing through the crowded shelves of a growing marketplace and earning a spot in the hearts and minds (and endocannabinoid systems) of your customers. Why should your online cannabis brand education space be any different?

Learn Brands empowers you to build on the great foundation of your established brand identity, marketing materials, language, and culture, by working with you to incorporate these elements into your online learning environment.

Furthermore, they’ll work with you to develop the courses you need — from general cannabis education to highly detailed, in-depth e-learning topics — rather than simply cram you into a one-size-fits-all LMS that has been repurposed for the cannabis industry.

When budtenders login to experience your training, you will be able to offer them an informative, engaging, and consistent brand education experience unlike ever before.

Get Meaningful Feedback

Today’s consumer marketplace is wrought with companies seeking reviews, consumer trends information, and meaningful feedback on how their products are considered by users and non-users alike. As a matter of fact, it seems like no matter how much of this information a company can acquire, they are always looking for more.

If there is any singular area where a cannabis-specific product training platform like the LMS developed by Learn Brands shines, it’s in the feedback department — something that traditional in-person brand training is almost always sorely lacking.

Consider the following made-up, but almost exhaustedly real anecdote between a your Brand Manager and one of the Territory Reps:

Brand Manager: How did the training at the dispensary go today? 

Brand Rep.: It went great! 

Brand Manager: Excellent. Keep up the good work.

Anyone who has ever done a touch-base with one of their cannabis representatives should be having a sense of deja vu after reading that. This kind of informal check-on almost never results in meaningful, actionable data about the learning efficacy or learner experience.

In contrast, consider the following “dialogue” between the same Brand Manager and their cannabis LMS dashboard*:

Brand Manager: How did the training go today?

Cannabis LMS: We had 44 registered logins that participated in training today. The average completion time for the course was 27 minutes and 14 seconds, and the average quiz score was 93.6%. Would you like to know more?

Brand Manager: Wow. uh, yeah — that would be great

Cannabis LMS: Quiz scores indicate that e-learners averaged almost 100% accuracy on questions relating to your brand’s supercritical Co2 extraction process, but only averaged 84% accuracy, and spent more time on the questions about the brand history and mission statement. Would you like to know more?

Brand Manager: Really? I wonder why that is. What else can you tell me about it?

Cannabis LMS: Let me gather some of the e-learner feedback for you to review…

*Disclaimer: Learn Brands dashboard does not contain an AI personality that can carry on a conversation about your metrics with you. Yet.

With a well-designed, customized cannabis LMS, you can get hard data about your e-learners, their experiences, their learning outcomes, and more performance metrics through an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Even more importantly, you can gather information directly from the front-line budtenders who are sampling, selling, and possibly even supporting your brand themselves. They can share hard-to-gather intel about customer response, brand image, and much, much, more through the same platform you are using to deliver consistent and quality education to them.

Stabilize Your Brand Image, Voice, and Consistency

As mentioned throughout this article, brand consistency is critical to your standing and success in the busy marketplace that is the cannabis industry and controlling the delivery of various brand elements through online cannabis brand education is about as easy as it gets when it comes to managing this usually challenging task.

Individual brand representatives will always lean on their strengths, their voice, and their most tried and true delivery methods — it’s why you hired them in the first place.

However, these same sales and training strengths also integrate an unintended bias and a lot of variation within your brand identity engagement. From there, the budtenders use their own approach when engaging with customers, and the results can be hard to predict.

At the very least, a cannabis LMS reinforces the purest and most important aspects of your brand to every single person who engages with your learning modules, no matter where they are or what their biases might be.

Promote A Better End-Customer Experience For Your Cannabis Brand

Better teaching equals better outcomes from learners, and in our case, those outcomes are the results of the experiences, conversations, and recommendations that customers receive from their budtenders.

These micro engagements ultimately lead to better brand awareness, increased sales, increased market share, and most importantly, happy, brand-loyal consumer bases. The difference in the dialogues about LMS-learned products and other products will be stark to most customers, and the degree of knowledge, confidence, and excitement with which the former are discussed will instill trust in the cannabis user.

Register For A Demo Of Cannabis LMS From Learn Brands

Think we’re just blowing smoke about all of this? Try us! No, quite literally, we invite you to try us. Scheduling a demo of the Learn Brands online learning platform is free, easy, and smells like limonene. Visit Learn Brands today to learn more.

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