General Cannabis


Provide your team with the training they need to speak confidently to fundamental aspects of the cannabis industry. Our general education content presents key cannabis information in informative and engaging interactive videos. Every course contains a series of videos, each of which are paired with questions to quiz the user on the information presented. At the end of each course the user will take a cumulative exam to test their knowledge!

  • Enhance basic cannabis knowledge
  • Provide employees with the information they need to speak confidently about their industry
  • Gain access to comprehensive student reporting (completion and quiz scores)
  • Cut training costs
  • Create a positive and more informed consumer experience

Product information

In this course, you'll learn about cannabis products and their effects as well as how to talk about them in a dispensary setting.


Safety and Responsible Consumption

Learn about responsible consumption, general cannabis safety, and how to present it in a dispensary setting.

Advocating moderation, responsible consumption, and safety is an industry-wide effort to demonstrate that cannabis businesses are operating with integrity. Always practice safety at the safety meeting!


Learn the basics of cannabis science and how to talk about it in a dispensary setting. Some vital information may be repeated from other courses.


Content Cannabinoids

Learn about cannabinoids, their potential effects and how to talk about them in a dispensary setting.


Learn all about terpenes and their effects as well as understand how to talk about them in a dispensary setting.


Cannabis 101

This course is an introduction to cannabis. Once completed, you'll have a basic understanding of how cannabis works in the body and know the difference between cannabis products and delivery methods.