Our Partners

Learn Brands is proud to work with the following organizations.

Stoker Compliance

Stoker Compliance offers training and consulting for the cannabis industry. They have partnered with Learn Brands to host the Basic Core Curriculum Responsible Vendor Training.

Cannabis Trainers

Cannabis Trainers has partnered with Learn Brands to host a suite of training courses including the Sell-Smart Responsible Vendor Trainings.

Onward Content

Onward Content is a Video Production company that covers everything from concept to creation–from live-action to animation. They host a suite of General Education courses on Learn Brands that are tailored to developing the knowledge of retail staff.


Springbig is a leading loyalty and marketing platform in the cannabis industry. The partnership with Learn Brands allows vendors to target both the budtender and the consumer with consistent product knowledge.


The Colorado Department of Transportation Is working with Learn Brands to educate industry employees on the severity and consequences of driving under the influence.

Retail Control System

Retail Control Systems is a point of sale system that allows retail staff to directly redeem Learn Brands rewards without the need of going back and forth between the two systems.

Last Prisoner Project

Learn Brands has partnered with LPP to give our users an in-depth look at the amazing work the Last Prisoner Project has done to benefit the lives of those wrongly convicted.

After taking their course you will walk away knowing how to contribute to the campaign, a reward from Wana, and a discount to the Last Prisoner Project E-commerce store.

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