Learn Brands & PufCreativ: A Fruitful Partnership

Learn Brands & PufCreativ: A Fruitful Partnership

Here at PufCreativ, we believe that a successful organization (in any industry) is only as strong as its partnerships. This is especially true for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. 

Throughout our 5+ year tenure as a leading cannabis marketing company, we’re proud to have developed strategic partnerships with many amazing brands all doing their part to use their platform to really make a difference.

With that being said, we’re beyond thrilled to announce our new partnership with Learn Brands! Keep following along with this blog as we talk about who they are, what it is they do, and why we’re absolutely in love with the services they currently offer.

Who they are: About Learn Brands

You might be wondering, what’s Learn Brands all about? They were born out of necessity:

Creating solutions for the industry.

Adapting/pivoting based on the various unique needs of their clients. 

They realized that many modern dispensaries (while having amazing products) don’t necessarily have the budtender knowledge base appropriately educated enough to understand all of them. 

And thus, Learn Brands was spawned - from a mission to mirror the growth of their partners while providing solutions that solve vital real-life problems for the community. 

What they do: About Learn Brands’ Services

Now that we’ve talked about who they are, let’s talk about what they do: 

General Education 

First, we have General Education. Many reputable philosophers and authors alike have coined the term, “knowledge is power.” 

For the cannabis industry, this statement continues to hold true significance. 

With the long years of the War on Drugs and marijuana prohibition beginning to trail behind us, the cannabis industry is in a unique position to pave the way for general education and advocacy of the plant. 

Cannabis is a multifaceted compound that includes extensive science and detailed information behind its many purposes and benefits. 

In an industry that still continues to thrive and grow, both expert and canna-curious customers will turn to the help of dispensaries and brands for education on cannabis products and safe, responsible consumption. 

At PufCreativ, we believe in the absolute importance general education and knowledge have in the cannabis industry. 

We are proud to refer our wonderful dispensary and cannabis brand clients to Learn Brands to confidently educate and train your team of employees. 

Learn Brands offers a General Education Training course to teach companies how to confidently and efficiently speak on these fundamental aspects of the cannabis industry. 

This comprehensive course includes a series of interactive videos and quizzes to train you and your team on the basics of cannabis knowledge and information. 

As a cannabis brand or dispensary, it is crucial to understand the fundamental basics of cannabis education in order to confidently engage and interact with your consumers. 

Through Learn Brand’s course, dispensary and brand teams will gain the information and insight needed to answer questions about their industry in order to assist in creating a positive and informational experience for consumers. 

Internal Training

Second, we have Internal Training. When you’re looking to onboard new employees into your company, there are certainly a lot of things to keep track of. 

What’s great about Learn Brands internal training services is that hosting your company training on their platform allows you to standardize your training process with the power of university-grade LMS. 

Another great thing about these services is that you can track your students’ progress while implementing testing to ensure compliance. 

Learn Brands gives you full access to a creative team that works closely with you in order to upload your SOPs as well as tutorialize the course-building process. (You’re able to host 5 courses, with unlimited activities, in each module!)

With internal training, you’re also able to utilize all of the interactive functionality that their platform offers. Conveniently, there’s only ONE online location for all company training. 

You can track student engagement with customized reporting and capture real-time feedback from your employees on your training process all in one spot. What’s not to love?

Responsible Vendor Training

Thirdly, let’s talk about perhaps one of the most crucial services offered by Learn Brands: Responsible Vendor Training. Did you know? Learn Brands hosts a certified Responsible Vendor Training program for the state of Massachusetts. 

Here, they’ve partnered with Stoker Compliance in order to host a virtual version of the Basic Core Curriculum Responsible Vendor Training. 

Certified by the CCC (Cannabis Control Commission) - this program contributes the 8 hours of mandated training that is required to be completed by every agent before acting in any job functions. 

You might also be asking, why go ‘virtual’? Below are just some of the reasons: 

  1. You can always track your employees through meticulously robust reporting. 

  1. You are able to gain access to other learning services through Learn Brands. 

  1. You can (and are strongly encouraged) to use the course as a resource in the future. 

  1. You’re able to take the course at your own pace. 

  1. You get immediate access to their training. Anytime, anywhere. 

Brand Training 

Last, but certainly not least, we come to Brand Training. The industry is emerging with numerous new brands and companies in the cannabis space. 

With the hundreds of prominent brands and cannabis products out there for consumers to try, how does your cannabis brand stand out among the rest? 

Between new and innovative vape technologies, edible infusions, and even the retail advancement of flower and prerolls, brand training and education is an integral part of the business-to-consumer experience and what can help set your company apart from others. 

Learn Brands allows the opportunity for cannabis brands to train budtenders with the knowledge needed to sell your company’s products in a friendly and efficient manner. 

Empower budtenders with helpful knowledge and insight needed to promote your brand through informational and engaging training courses. 

With Learn Brand’s Brand Training course, you can remotely train budtenders how to confidently sell your products and understand the basis of your brand. 

The quizzes and interactive training exercises in this course are designed for budtenders to test their knowledge and ensure they have understood this important information. 

Whether you are an independent cannabis brand or part of a major multi-state operation, Learn Brands’ course developers allow you to tailor your training experience to fit the needs of your specific brand and products, while generating impressions and access to thousands of budtenders. 

Dispensaries play an important role in cannabis consumption. Budtenders are at the front line of retail, consistently engaging with customers and sharing experiences, information, and insight. 

Utilizing Learn Brand’s platform, you’ll gain valuable marketing and branding insight from dispensary budtenders who’ve sampled your products and learned about your brand. 

Learn Brands & PufCreativ: A Fruitful Partnership

At Puf, we understand there are many moving parts in regards to brand recognition in the cannabis industry — Learn Brands is an incredible resource for brand training and education. 

Through online interactive training courses and explorative research and marketing data, your cannabis brand can access hundreds of budtenders online to efficiently train them on these products and confidently share your brand’s message. 

We hope this blog helped to illuminate why we believe in Learn Brands as a game-changing company in cannabis. 

- The PufCreativ Team

For more info, be sure to reach out: support@learnbrands.com

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