5 Reasons Why Your Dispensary Needs a Cannabis LMS

5 Reasons Why Your Dispensary Needs a Cannabis LMS

Recreational and medical cannabis represent one of the most dynamic markets in the American economy. More states are getting on board each year, vendors are creating exciting, innovative new products, and it’s not uncommon for dispensaries to have literal lines forming outside their doors.

This is a good thing, and as a dispensary owner or general manager, you wouldn’t have it any other way. But all this opportunity and growth also create a myriad of challenges for your business, employees, and even your customers. So today, we’re looking at why your dispensary needs a cannabis learning management system to help overcome the challenges that come with running a cannabis dispensary.

From budtender sales training to improved customer experiences to better bottom lines, a legitimate cannabis learning management system offers a bevy of benefits to your dispensary. 

Learn Brands has developed a university-grade cannabis LMS used by over 1,100 brands to provide budtender training and professional development for all levels of employees at your dispensary. Keep reading for more information on five ways this tool can elevate your dispensary to new highs.

1. Offer Your Customers Quality, Consistent Interactions

Let’s start with your number one priority — your clients. 

Recreational and medical cannabis users have lots of choices when it comes to where they shop. It didn’t used to be that way, but with more and more operations growing and dispensing cannabis, they need a good reason to continue giving you their business.

Creating customer loyalty in a crowded marketplace is a multifaceted challenge, but starting with providing a quality, consistent service — from ID verification to sale — is crucial. Your customers want to know what to expect from the interactions they are going to have with your ID checker, your budtenders, and the purchase process at your dispensary. It’s this sense of familiarity and reliability that helps them feel comfortable, and gives them the peace of mind that their experience with your business is going to be a positive one each and every time they walk through the door. Never forget that customer comfort is an important value that you and your team can offer.

By utilizing a cannabis learning management system, you can provide budtender training that goes beyond rules and regulations — which are undeniably critical — and extends into the realm of customer service and experience, allowing your budtenders, greeters, and management to consistently interact with your customers in a way that best represents your brand and their comfort.

2. Offer Your Customers Consistent Information

Beyond feeling welcomed, taken care of, and relaxed, your clients also care a lot about getting information they can trust to help them understand which variety of products, cannabis brands, and methods of use are right for them. 

A good budtender knows to respond to a question with another question to get as much information as is reasonably possible in order to make sure that they truly address the customer’s needs and can make the best recommendations possible. But, it’s this latter part where even knowledgeable budtenders can use a little back up from you. 

A cannabis learning management system empowers your entire team to receive quality, consistent, and brand-driven budtender education online, so they can give the best possible service to your customers. 

As an owner or general manager of a cannabis dispensary, it's likely that you’ve overheard a pair your budtenders provide completely different takes on the same product within earshot of other customers. Another common occurrence is a passionate and product-savvy budtender sharing their personal anecdotes about products before — or without — actually sharing with the customer what the product is designed and intended to accomplish and how.

These gaps in communication might seem small, but they’re the difference between good customer experiences and elite customer experiences, between a good reputation and a great reputation, and between being just another dispensary and the dispensary of choice in your area.

Closing the gap isn’t just doable — it’s easy. A cannabis learning management system allows for the kind of consistent education and training that your budtenders need to go from good to great in an accessible online learning environment.

3. Improve Your Relationship With Your Vendors

After considering how a cannabis learning management system can improve your relationship with your clients, it’s time to look at how it can help improve your relationships with the next most important people you do business with — your vendors. 

While the brand and education representatives of your carried product lines are excellent resources of information, and sometimes provide training for your team of budtenders, there’s nothing they love more than finding out that you’ve taken the initiative to advance your ability to successfully represent, pitch, and sell their cannabis and other products.

We all know there are no downsides to having strong professional relationships, and an online learning management system that helps your team learn quality, consistent, and brand-generated information about what they’re selling is a great way to promote your dispensary in the eyes of the people you buy your inventory from.


4. Make Training Easy and Efficient

There’s no denying that plenty of budtenders are highly intelligent and passionate people who do what they do because they love the product, love the people, and love sharing their passion with others. But there’s also no denying that people are people, and no matter what they do for a living, a disproportionate number of them seem to have an adverse reaction to ongoing education.

But since ongoing budtender education is crucial for an environment where new products, brands, and regulations are so common, why not make that experience easy, engaging, and efficient?

With a quality cannabis learning management system, you can. With trackable training, meaningful modules, and interactive content and checks for understanding, you can change the way your team thinks about training.

Furthermore, an online educational environment allows for easy, fast access when things slow down in the sales space, frees up managers to focus on other critical elements of running the dispensary, and guarantees that all of your budtenders receive the same training, no matter what.

5. Increase Your Sales Potential

So what does increased customer loyalty, better vendor relationships, and ongoing education for your budtenders add up to? Increased sales potential. 

By providing for a great customer experience from start to finish, you’ll build a more loyal consumer base that doesn’t just want to stop at a dispensary on the way home after work, they want to stop at your dispensary.

By demonstrating to vendors that your budtenders are interested and equipped to learn about and properly promote their brands, you’ll find yourself at the front of their minds for additional visits, promotional pop-ups, and in-person Q&As, leading to more products on the shelves and an increased ability to sell them.

By facilitating consistent, accessible, and engaging budtender training, you’ll ensure that even new employees are up to speed and demonstrating a keen ability to address your customers' questions and needs.

A cannabis learning management system allows you to do it all, and do it well.

Register For A Demo Of The Cannabis Learning Management System From Learn Brands

Think we’re just blowing smoke about all of this? Come and see for yourself. Scheduling a demo of the Learn Brands online learning platform is free, easy, and the first step towards elevating your business to new highs. Visit Learn Brands today to learn more.

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